Alternative to Surgery

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are anal venous cushions (anal veins) that exist inside and outside the anus. We all have hemorrhoids as like eyes, nose, ears and toes, they are a part of the human anatomy. 150 million Americans suffer from enlarging anal veins. Are you tired of scratching your butt, squirming in your chair due to the inability to get comfortable, pushing swollen veins back inside the anus or seeing red on the toilet paper or in the bowl?
I have amazing news.
Anorectal venous support DOESN’T HAVE TO MEAN SURGERY.
R.H.O.I.D. – AID® is not a temporary topical solution. It’s an oral, all natural antioxidant supplement taken daily to get to the root of the problem. Why wait to have issues of poor anorectal health when you can avoid it altogether.

Active Ingredient: Diosmin

The active ingredient in R.H.O.I.D. – AID® is an all natural antioxidant called Diosmin which comes from an immature or green orange peel. This all natural plant based product binds to the proteins which cause venous inflammation.
Prospective randomized trials on humans have shown this to be both safe and effective. These trials used a Diosmin product called Daflon. Daflon contains 90% micronized Diosmin and 10% Hesperidin. The Diosmin in Daflon is micronized to less than 4 microns (less than the size of a blood cell). Don’t be fooled by imitators. The pure, micronized Diosmin in R.H.O.I.D. – AID® is produced in the same facility as the Diosmin in Daflon which was used in the studies. Furthermore this is the only facility in the world using only harmless solvents during the manufacturing process.

R.H.O.I.D. – AID® is a remarkable breakthrough in the support of anorectal venous health. As a double board certified proctologist who has seen over 17,000 patients complaining of poor anorectal health, I now recommend R.H.O.I.D. – AID® to all of my patents. I even recommended it to my father who was amazed with how well it worked. Prior to R.H.O.I.D. – AID® he was told he would need surgery. Within 2 weeks he was back to normal and he continues to take the product daily with excellent results.
Not only am I the owner of the company, I use R.H.O.I.D. – AID® daily! As someone who also suffered from the same issues you suffer from, I have been taking R.H.O.I.D. – AID® as directed for years and have not been happier with the results. I strongly believe in this product to improve venous tone in and around the anus.


• All natural plant based bioflavonoid antioxidant.
• Made from Citrus (immature orange peels)
• Clinically proven in human studies to promote healthy anal veins.
• Clinically proven in humans as safe.
• Micronized Diosmin has been used in Europe for many years with a trillion pills prescribed yearly for hemorrhoid symptoms.
• No prescription needed in the US.

Isn’t it time for long-term relief from the discomfort of hemorrhoids? Order your R.H.O.I.D. – AID® today!



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